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Index Ľ Eipix Dev Diary
About Eipix

Eipix is a small and independent game development company that was set up in the end of 2005. There are four of us here at Eipix with occasional help from internal and external associates, friends, supporters etc. We mainly do outsourcing for other companies but we try really hard to make our own games too. So far we published a futuristic racing game Pyroblazer and recently a new upgraded version Pyroblazer Gold. Our new game, a small casual puzzler Ziro is soon to be available at our own indie store We are also working on several new projects including our never to come out of development top down shooter game - Eclosion. Itís a hard life trying to make your own games while constantly making games for others (often we are not allowed to even say that we have worked on a specific product).

 iPhone game Golman music
Jun 4, 2010 04:43
 The great dilemma
Feb 22, 2010 08:06
 Fun -part2-
Jan 13, 2010 09:47
 Fun -part1-
Dec 29, 2009 05:12
 Concept evolution
Dec 15, 2009 08:49
 Introduction to FoF
Dec 8, 2009 10:08
Team Introduction: Mirko Topalski

Hello Gamers daily news guests,
My name is Mirko Topalski and I am the CEO (convert, export, organize :) at Eipix games. This of course means that I do a variety of crazy and dirty tasks that no one else wants to handle like getting food, drinks, going to the bank, speaking with our accountant, servicing hardware, paying the bills etc. I am also the man behind our music and sound production, who hides under the pseudonym of Xtruist. More on my music and music from all Eipix games at

I know a little bit of every game development discipline, and I am eager to learn more. Hopefully we will all have the chance throughout the duration of this blog, in which I will be talking a bit about music/sound and a bit about the commercial/financial aspect of game development. Back when we were starting, if I knew what I know now, the things would have played out quite differently.

I also like to write a bit, but I am a total amateur (Pyroblazer story is a testament to that), but if I do write something that I deem worthy I will certainly let you know.

Favorite games: Mass effect, Final fantasy series, Starcraft, Warcraft etc.

Team Introduction: Nenad Tomic

Hi, my name is Nenad, and I am technical director of indie game dev company Eipix. I entered the world of game development through foundation of this company in 2005. My first position was as a 3D artist, since 3D modeling (and everything that goes with it) was my hobby at the time being.

As in the case of all indie game development companies where one person does multiple tasks on multiple positions, the need for universality quickly rose up and I started doing level design and simple scripting, only to continue with more complex scripting, programming, game design and game prototypes. Necessary affection toward mathematics and programming is a natural result of studying telecommunications, and trying to fit its completion (for the past few years now) in a rough and tight indie game developer's schedule.

In the present time, I am balancing between two realms of game development - art and programming, having so much things I love in each of them that I cannot simply chose one over another. The real beauty of game development, and one of the reasons why I love it, is that you donít have to strictly pick one over another, since approach to logical problems always can use some creative and artsy spirit, and vice versa.

Team Introduction: Aleksa Todorovic

Hello, my name is Aleksa, I am lead programmer of Eipix. I'm responsible for overseeing and leading of programming done here at Eipix. On projects where I'm not involved as a programmer, I work as programming and solution-development advisor. When it comes to the field of unknown in programming, but we need solution quickly (like in crunch times), it's my duty to come up with some "black magic".

My interest in game development started back in primary school (one could say it was "love at the first sight"), and since then I've been trying to explore and enjoy the world of game development. I joined Eipix in 2006 as a senior programmer, but took the position of lead programmer soon after that. Given that Eipix did lot of outsourcing in the past, I had opportunity to work on variety of game types and on number of platforms (PC, Mac, iPhone, DS, Wii).

My primary interest is development of engines, tools and all under-the-hood stuff needed to build the game. Regarding game genres, I like space simulations and shooters, as well as puzzle and logic games.

Team Introduction: Uros Banjesevic

Hi, my name is Uros and I am lead artist of indie game dev company Eipix. As small team means many roles for each member of it, lead artist position is basically a sum of whole scope of positions I have to fill during my regular work day. While jumping from concept art to 3d modeling, from animation to rendering, from trailer post production to web design, and from story writing to even playing guitars on a soundtrack, being lead artist in Eipix gets whole new dimension. And thatís what I like about it.

When I was a kiddo, Iíve spent days and nights drawing comics and playing video games - these two loves couldnít shape me much different than what I am nowadays. I still love comics although I havenít drawn any for ages, and of course, still love games, although I see them more under the hood than as a final product like a regular gamer. And yes, although I really like gaming, I must admit that I am not so good in it with all these years of experience - my little 12 year old nephew beats me in any game of any genre we play against each other.

I was in Eipix among the original crew, feeling all the pain and all the satisfaction from the beginning of our long journey called game development.

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