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Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars Review (Wii)

Posted by Amy Shortz Baldry,
  Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars
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Meet Pax, in his world a big meteorite just fell from the sky and changed his world as he once knew it, us humans knew nothing about it and our world carries on as normal. Pax is from a friendly fungi tribe who live in happiness but since the great shining rock landed the more poisonous of the shrooms threaten the very existence of Pax’s edible friends and family. Since the meteorite landed Pax discovered that he can absorb parts of the mysterious rock and sets off to find out what’s happening to him much to the disgust of his enemies.

You travel to worlds which to us seem pretty ordinary but to a 2 inch mushroom offer a world that needs and should be explored. A meaningless pile of unwanted or unused junk can be explored and used to your advantage especially for the use of new weapons which you constantly have to find and upgrade as each upgrade is always better than the last weapon you used. this doesn’t really offer much in the way of choice or strategy within weaponry but its always something that can be improved on. The controls were also missing a tiny bit of organization with annoying camera controls and having to frantically throw your arm about whilst in battle does make chilling out with a good game almost impossible at times but again it doesn’t totally ruin the gaming experience and can always be improved on.

 Our Rating for Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars Review (Wii)
A game thatís either good for racing to the end to complete within hours or taking time to
explore the various worlds available to your 2 inch dude
Being able to compete with some of the best wii games out on the scene at the moment the amount
of detail really does not disappoint
The sound effects really add the charm to this game with the shroom men having their own language and even the pitter patter of the rain on pipes and puddles works well with the great and not too annoying game sound track
Movement, combat and annoying camera controls donít make this the easiest to get to grips with but once you get to it its not so bad. within the game thereís plenty for the gamer to think about
There is an opportunity to play in co-op mode so that your shroom can get some extra help with
solving puzzle of extra health. This mode is only useful if your stuck and you need a helping hand
This is a pretty cool game and does add something different in the way of platform gaming for Wii. There are some aspects of it that could be improved on within the game strategically and with the combat controls but its a fun game none the less and certainly something to add to your platform collection

Rating: 4.0, votes: 1
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