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Darwinia+ Review (XBLA)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido),
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The computer virus is spreading. The Darwinians are in danger. Time to take control of some attack squads and begin clearing a path to get the poor defenseless little dudes out of there! Yes, itís another trip back to the world of Darwinia, this time youíve got some cool new tools to use.

While some might think the outstanding Amiga Demo intro is the highlight of the game (awesome!) itís not. But it certainly does give you a quick insight into the collective psyche over at Introversion software. For those that arenít old enough to remember the days of Amiga Demos, Iím sorry for you.

Alright so, Darwinia+ gives you two games in one. First youíve got Multiwinia which is the multiplayer quest for 2D domination otherwise known as skirmish matches. On the other side of the coin youíve got Darwinia+ the new singleplayer campaign mode. In it you are a player that is enlisted to help clean up the world which has been overrun by a virus. While the Doctor continues research and betters the programs you are tasked with doing the heavy lifting, opening up the nodes and rescuing the Darwinians whenever possible.

At your disposal are laser-armed squads and engineers and more. The game world is an interesting mix of old and new, as all the games have been. Neon polygons create the water and fractal landscapes that remind me of the days of playing around with the landscape creators on my Amigas.

The single player campaign is laid out as a story and is mission-based. Each level requiring you to do something. After a fairly quick and informative tutorial youíre ready to head out into the world and begin fixing the problems the virus caused. Along the way you can ask the creator to work on specific research allowing for larger squads, improved officers and better weapons. Generally, these will be necessary later and will certainly help you along.

Now on to the multiplayer!

 Our Rating for Darwinia+ Review (XBLA)
Campaign in Darwinia+, single and multiplayer in Multiwinia. Always a reason to go back.
Who doesnít love 2D stick people in crazy fractal, polygon computer generated worlds?
Itís not awesome but it certainly is cool and fits the atmosphere of the game.
Itís varied, itís complex and engrossing. The camera flips out a little from time to time.
Multiplayer/Online Content
Five modes, XBLA leaderboards. A good well-rounded side of the game.
If you donít enjoy Darwinia+, there is something wrong with you!

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1

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