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NZXT Sentry LXE Review (PC Hardware)

Posted by John Tanguay (Johnaget),


The NZXT Senrty LXE fan controller is an upgrade from the Sentry LX. NZXT has made some excellent improvements in this new model. The LXE features a new external touch screen display and an internal temperature control card. It also supports 10 watts per channel instead of 3 like the LX model.


When I received the Sentry LXE it was in a very clean and well branded package. Inside there was the temperature control card, touch screen display, users manual, a battery, extra temperature probe, some thermal tape and an 8-pin connection cable.

The first part I picked up was the display and found it had a nice strong feel. It is made of black brushed aluminum with silver trim around the touch screen. There is a plastic housing on the back of the screen that protects the screen’s components. Lastly, I noticed two black strips on the bottom to prevent sliding.


When looking at the temperature controller card my first reaction was “wow that is a big mess of cables”. The card has 5 fan connection wires, 5 temperature probes and a pass through Molex power connection, all attached to the card. Even though the cables are all neatly wrapped, they over-powered the small control card. All the cables on the card can be disconnected if they are not be used, but you may have to get creative if you are like me, and cable management is very important to you.


The installation of the temperature control card was super easy. Taping all the temperature probes in place, however, was a little time consuming. Once all the probes where in place, I started hooking up the fans. All of the fans in my case are 3-pin fans so it was very easy. If you are using Molex fans you will have to buy an adapter for each fan you want to connect. The last thing was to plug in the 8-pin connector to the temperature card and the touch display.

 Our Rating for NZXT Sentry LXE Review (PC Hardware)
Good solid construction and style to boot… What more could you want?
The touch screen is easy to use and read. The touch fields may be a little too small for some people with larger fingers.
Playability (controllers)
Really user friendly - Any one that can use a computer can us this controller.
This is the best fan controller I have used. There are still things to improve but for now this fan controller is at the top of my list! Great job NZXT.

Rating: 4.6, votes: 9


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