RadianGames Ballistic Review (Xbox Live Indie Game)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Feb 16, 2011 10:02

RadianGames did seven games in just about as many months. There are remarkable similarities and differences in the games. While they all have a similar look and feel, the gameplay varies a bit from title to title. Ballistic is definitely a straight dual-stick shooter, while Fireball was more an evasive maneuvering title that required you to trip explosions to wipe out Ballistic square minienemies.

For my money, I prefer RadianGames’ Fireball over Ballistic. I just can’t seem to get into a good rhythm in this game and it gets quite difficult rather quickly. I have managed to make it through to wave 21 or so in the Waves but the challenges are so challenging as to kick my butt far more quickly than any game should be allowed to do so.

There is a unique element to the game that gives you the ability to choose your own power ups and decide what kind of arsenal you’ll carry. It’s somewhat limited in that you’ve really only ever got your right-stick-aimed gun to shoot with, but it is also diverse in that it affects that gun in several ways as well as affected the bombs that show up on screen from time to time as well as Ballistic Mode.

Radian Games Ballistic screen 3

Ballistic Mode is triggered by holding down one of the triggers and it gives you maximized firepower but lowered mobility. So while it’s good in a cinch, often you will need to use it sparingly as you will be caught up to by faster enemies. If you overheat while using Ballistic Mode then you’re out of all firepower for a cool down period, that can get pretty hairy scary from time to time when there are scores of enemies on screen and you’ve got limited space to maneuver in.

Ballistic from RadianGames is by no means a bad game, it is in fact a good dual-stick shooter, I just can’t seem to find that sorely needed groove. I managed to hit top 250 on all the challenge leaderboards, but my wave score is pathetic and I can’t break the top 800.


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Our Rating for RadianGames Ballistic Review (Xbox Live Indie Game)
8.5 Replay
After the initial frustration wears off and you find your way, this game truly shines and brings you back for more dual-stick shooting action.
8.5 Graphics
Much like the earlier Fireball it has a neon-sort of art style but not in the Geometry Wars sense like their Crossfire games. More a Biology wars style.
7.5 Sound
Hard-pumping 160bpm plus electronic music keeps frantic pace with what you’re asked to do on screen. Sometimes it gets monotonous but rarely ever detracts from the gameplay.
8.5 Gameplay
While it is a dual-stick shooter the weapon loading and reconfiguration really add to the gameplay and there is some element of strategy in your loadouts.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
8.5 Overall
Ballistic is another shining example of what the Xbox Live Indie Games can and should be. Drop a dollar if youre a dual-stick shooter and you won’t be disappointed in this gem. The game requires a bit of a learning curve and frustration might run high in the beginning, just stick with it.

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