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Genius GX Gaming, Gear You Probably Havenít Heard of, Until Now

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Yesterday

I met with Genius when I was at CES. Having lived in Europe for six years I was already very familiar with their products because they are readily available over there. Here, in America, Genius and GX Gaming Logosthey were supplying gear to others and it was being branded with the other companies’ logos. Genius have been making computing peripherals for a very long time. The company was founded way back in 1983 and started exporting PCs in 1984, has almost 4,000 employees. They opened their first US office in 1986 and the Genius Mouse became the most popular mouse in Europe in 1989, the year the Berlin Wall fell.

Now they are ready to bring all of their gear to the US market with their own branding. A couple of the items that they had on show at CES were not all that gaming related, because they’re a diverse company.

The Ring Presenter is a pretty cool device which I acquired when I met with them. It’s not geared for gaming but it does have some multimedia applications. It’s a small touch mouse on a rubberized ring that is essentially a three-button mouse. The fourth button on the Ring Presenter is used for the laser pointer. The Genius Ring Presenter has two main modes, the mouse mode which is self-explanatory and the presenter mode where the buttons are all tied to Microsoft Powerpoint. It features a built-in rechargeable battery and a small switch that allows you to change modes. In mouse mode there are two sub modes, standard mouse mode and scroll mode. In the first, the touch pad controls the mouse pointer while in the second it Genius Ring Presentercontrols the scrolling of a web page, document, etc.

Now, the Genius Ring Presenter is aimed at business folks, but I did manage to do some gaming with it. Angry Birds in fact. Alright, it didn’t go amazingly well, but I did manage to play it. Also, a game called Entangle in Google Chrome. For point-and-click gaming the Ring Presenter could be a really cool way to play and it would also work for some other casual games like hidden object games as well as things like Bejeweled etc. So even though you’re on your business trip and trying to travel light, you might get a little light gaming in as well.

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