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Logitech K400 Review (Hardware)

Posted by , 76 days ago

Computers are everywhere. Today they are in almost every home, and for most families, there are multiple computers in their home. Desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablet, and HTPCs seem to be a necessity for the American family.  As more and more families go digital, more and more Home Theater PCs are popping up. But when you get a HTPC you run into the issue of “How am I going to interact with it?”.  

You could run a wired keyboard and mouse to your entertainment center, but that just looks disorderly.  You could get a wireless keyboard and mouse, but then you end up having two unteathered devices that you can lose. Logitech has an answer for you and it is called the K400; a wireless keyboard with a built in trackpad.logitech k400


Except for a 10 key, this keyboard sports a full size keyset including the standard QWERTY layout with directional arrows squeezed in on the side.  Most low profile keyboards will have a weak feel to the keystrokes as you type, but that is now what you get with the K400.  Every keystroke has a pleasant tactile feel to it.  There are 5 spare buttons at the top of the board that allow you to adjust the sound (louder, quieter, and mute) open your internet browser and a left click the mouse.logitech k400

The K400 is proof that good things do come in little packages.  This keyboard measures a mere 14” by 5-1/2” and is only 1/4” thick.  Though lightweight and small in size, the K400 is incredibly sturdy.  The solid construction is something that I have come to expect from Logitech in my experience with them.

On the right hand side of the board is the touchpad.  The touchpad measures 3” by 2”; the same size as a standard laptop touchpad.  There are a few grey lines on the pad that gives it a just enough accent to make it stand out, but not so much that it feels out of place. 

Flipping the keyboard over you will find that the back is white giving it a two toned appearance.  Apart from the different color and etched Logitech logo, there is not much happening on the backside of the board.  Four small rubber feet hold the board in place and keep it from slipping around on slick surfaces.  There is also the cover to the battery compartment here that also has additional storage space for your USB receiver. 

logitech k400

 Our Rating for Logitech K400 Review (Hardware)
The thin design allows the K400 to be sleek without sacrificing quality.
This keyboard touchpad combo does everything you need. Having a hand held mouse has its advantages, but the touchpad is sufficient enough to hold its own.
At $39.99 MSRP, the K400 cost the same price as a comparable wireless keyboard mouse combo though there are cheaper options out there.
This thing performs like a charm and can be used by anyone. Plus with a 1 year battery life, you will be using it for a long time.
It may not be right for everyone, but the K400 is worth of a test drive by all HTPC users.

Rating: 0.0, votes: 0


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