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Raptor-Gaming M3 DKT Review (Hardware)

Posted by , 2 days ago

It seems like the number one type of item to come into the satellite office of GDN for review, is gaming mice. In my short time as PC editor I have seen a dozen mice come through the office, each offering hopes of comfort, high performance, and features. Many years ago when I first started PC gaming, I was using the cheap OEM mouse that came with my pre-built PC, but over the years I have discovered that a good mouse is the most important peripheral for competitive gamers. Not every gamer can afford to drop $70-$150 on a high end mouse, so what can a gamer on a budget do? After reviewing the M3 DKT that Raptor-Gaming sent to GDN, I can recommend it with confidence.


raptor m3 dktThe M3 DKT mouse may not be the flashiest of mice, but it is still has a great design. Contoured left and right mouse buttons help you with your grip as much as their rubber coating does. Between these buttons you have a fat, shallow scroll wheel that illuminates red when plugged in, and a DPI button that cycles through 3 sensitivities (400, 800, and 1600 DPI). Wrapped around the primary buttons is a glossy, black plastic piece that contains 3 red LEDs to give it a soft glow. The rest of the mouse body is rubber coated and the Raptor and DKT logos are on the wrist rest.

A unique design choice was made for the thumb side of the mouse. Instead of a rubber coating, or textured concave section that is pretty standard on most gaming mice, the M3 DKT offers you a unique, ridged, rubber fin grip. Several soft, rubber fins protrude about 1/16” down the thumb side and offer a distinctive look and feel. Above the thumb grip, the M3 DKT has two thumb buttons that are flush with the body of the mouse.

Looking at the bottom of the mouse, you will see that it has only 2 feet helping it glide. These large Teflon feet give you a large, friction-free area of contact with your mouse pad. Inside the box, you also get 2 sets of additional replacement feet, should anything ever happen to the attached ones. Coming out of the front of the mouse is a long braided cable attached to a gold plated USB 2.0 port.

raptor m3 dkt

Technical Specifications

  • High resolution optical gaming mouse
  • USB-speed up to 500 Hz
  • DPI Switching technology in 3 levels: 400 dpi, 800 dpi & 1600 dpi
  • EXTRA large mouse-gliders
  • Ergonomical Design for right-handed use
  • Special Soft-Touch Surface
  • 6 buttons incl. mouse wheel
 Our Rating for Raptor-Gaming M3 DKT Review (Hardware)
Not too flashy or eye popping, but it is still easily distinguishable as a gaming mouse. The large Teflon feet and rubber fin thumb grip are pluses.
The M3 DKT is entirely plug and play, and works perfectly out of the box, but it could use a few extra features and thumb buttons that were raised above the height of the mouse body.
Cheap enough for budget gamers. You can get mice with similar features for a little less, but they don’t have as good of a feel to them.
The overall shape of the mouse provides you with a comfortable grip that will have you gaming for hours without the hassle of proprietary software.
In all reality, the M3 DKT is one of the better mice that you can buy without crossing over into the category of high dollar gaming mice.

Rating: 0.0, votes: 0


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