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Kiviís Underworld Review

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido),
  Kivi's Underworld
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Some time back Soldak Entertainment make Depths of Peril. I reviewed the game when I was at our new acquisition (Generation: Gamerz) and I loved it. Soldak had done something that we hadn’t seen in awhile and that was simply a massive focus on the gameplay and fun factor without having to push today’s hardware to the limit to show you the graphics.
The latest from Soldak Entertainment is an old school top-down oblique angle hack-n-slash. When I say hack-n-slash I really mean it. There’s nothing in the way of RPG per se. You don’t really interact with NPC’s. Those interactions don’t dictate the outcome of the game. No, this is simply a “you versus them.” So grab up your weapon, buff up your character and let’s start dungeon delving in Kivi’s Underworld.
The story goes that a mining expedition ventures into unknown territory and accidentally opens a path to the deadly Dark Elves...oh hell! Kivi alone survives to tell the tale but without proof his pleas fall on deaf ears so of course you’re on your own in the beginning.

 Our Rating for Kiviís Underworld Review
There are awards and a Bestiary and more that you can find and fill up as you go. I can see some people wanting to go back and play through some levels again to get all the goods. I can also see some people not giving a hoot.
Soldak outdoes others by leaps and bounds again. Donít believe me? Get Depths of Peril and get Kiviís Underworld. Then play them but zoom in as you do so you truly see the graphical splendor that they build into a world.
The soundtrack simply made me want to pull out my hair and made me think of stupid horror films and bad made-for-TV films. The rest of it was fine.
Itís hack and slash which means itís not a really diverse array of actions. But it succeeds in its own way and makes you want to continue.
Multiplayer/Online Content
Kiviís Underworld is cool and a good deal of fun. There are some issues that dragged it down. But itís definitely worth the price tag and has more than enough play time to satisfy almost anyone. I really wanted this to get a gold.

Rating: 1.0, votes: 1

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