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Split Fish Dual SFX Frag Pro Hardware Review

Posted by Christophor Rick, 87 days ago

The mouse is large, slick and hard to grip. The side buttons are set so that you almost always have to adjust your hand to hit the triangle or the X button. When I say large, I mean thereís a big uncomfortable hump in it and when I say slick I mean that during some of the more tense action areas in a game the mouse will slip out of your hand. Even the underside groove for your fingers is made of the same slick, hard plastic. A place where, on my Cyber Snipa Stinger gaming mouse, there is a cool rubber grip pad (on the thumb side also).

The mouse would be fine as a general use or casual gaming controller on the PC, but simply plugging it into a USB port did Dual SFX Frag Pro Wirelessnothing. The computer didnít even recognize it. Plugging in the wireless dongle made the computer recognize the unit but I was still unable to get the controller to connect at all.

Overall I dislike this controller for a number of reasons including no inclusion of AAA batteries and the need for 6 of them (instead of 4 AA), no USB cable that can connect both devices meaning you MUST have batteries (or use up 2 USB ports - which also did not work properly), the poorly designed mouse and the very low sensitivity (on the PS3 in Killzone 2) even when everything it jacked up to the point where I couldnít control it at all with a regular controller.

I could never see any professional gamer using this and even more non-professionals would be hard pressed to use it and have it improve their game in any way. You know what would be cool? Two of the nunchuk controller, that would be cool and they make it. Itís called the Dual SFX Evolution which is basically a controller cut in half. I think that would be a far cooler product and be far more useful because we donít really need our hands to be tied to each other while gaming do we? Imagine the possibilities for driving a tank and you get the picture. But the Dual SFX FragPro, for a controller that is supposed to improve my FPS gaming performance and fun, this is a total fail.

The unit costs about 80 GBP or $90 US. My suggestion, use that money for a PS3 controller you like and a cool gaming mouse for your PC, the two combined will be about the same price.

It is entirely possible that there is something wrong with the unit I was given which accounts for many of the problems I encountered or that itís not completely compatible with my PC or PS3 Slim, but then again, just another reason to beware.

 Our Rating for Split Fish Dual SFX Frag Pro Hardware Review
More problems than value as far as Iím concerned. I would not suggest purchasing one of these until they do further R&D
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