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Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2
Also known as: Hot Shots Golf Portable 2, Minna no Golf Portable 2 (JPN), Everybody’s Golf 2 (UK), Everybody’s Golf 2 (AU)
  Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2
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Your wait for another chance to enjoy the national pastime anywhere in the world is now over! Hot Shots Golf is back on PSP with the motto "Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone!" You can now play multi-player golf via wireless LAN, either in local wireless play or even online with players from all over. Also included are tons of new courses and characters with new features like "New Skill Level", plus endless amounts of new outfits and gear!


  • Online Golf Action – Tee off in tournaments of up to 16 players online and challenge others around the world for the Hot Shots title
  • Ad Hoc Multiplayer – Players can engage in an eight-player Match Play mode or even hit the links one-on-one via Ad Hoc
  • Exotic Courses – 12 challenging courses to conquer, with a mix of new courses as well as fan favorites from the past to challenge golfers of all levels. The environments will take players across tropical islands, vast desert plains, snow-capped mountains, and oceanfront views
  • Crazy Characters & Caddies – Choose from 24 different playable characters and five different caddies, each with their own distinct look and characteristics that embody the fun and spirit of the Hot Shots franchise
  • In-Depth Customization – Customize characters with more than 300 different options, including clothing, hairstyles, shoes, clubs, hats, and much more. Successfully conquering challenges in the game will allow players to further upgrade equipment, allowing for more accurate shots, longer drives, and impeccable control
  • Clothing & Accessory Attribute Boost – Incorporating special combinations of clothing and accessories will provide a unique boost to character attributes as well as overall fashion style
  • Unlock A Variety of Equipment – Players can earn new clubs and golf balls throughout each match to execute more accurate shots, longer drives, tighter approaches, and pinpoint putts
  • A Variety of Golf Outings – Multiple single-player and multi-player modes of play including VS Mode, Training Mode, Tournament Mode, Stroke Mode, Match Play Mode, and other challenging modes offer a diverse golfing experience for everyone

Rating: 0.0, votes: 0
  Ace Golf Franchise Hits the Links And PSP This Summer With Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2
Jun 3, 2008 08:33
  Golf Fans Around the World Prepare to Tee-Off Online With Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 for PSP
Apr 14, 2008 16:18
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Dev: Clap Hanz
Genre: Sports
MSRP: $29.99
North America 2008-06-03
Asia 2007-12-30
Collection: 20
Wishlist: 24 (Add)
Views: 15,025
Cheats: 0
Videos: 1 (View)
Images: 6 (View)
Files: 0
FAQ's: 0
Articles: 0
User Rating
0 votes
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