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Posted by Video Game News Staff, Jan 6, 2010 05:00

Tiger Woods Online to Swing Away

EA will move forward with an online golf game based on and including Tiger Woods, regardless of recent bad press for the pro golfer. Peter Moore at EA said in his blog:

For the past month, we have watched the Tiger Woods story play itself out while several of his sponsors have stepped away from the golfer.  At EA SPORTS, we’ve been particularly attentive because for the past year, we have been in full development of a new and highly innovative, online golf game.  The game has been in closed beta for eight months, with more than 75,000 people playing and participating.

This decision will no doubt create some attention and further speculation about Tiger Woods, and about his relationship with sponsors...

Our relationship with Tiger has always been rooted in golf...

...But regardless of what’s happening in his personal life, and regardless of his decision to take a personal leave from the sport, Tiger Woods is still one of the greatest athletes in history....

BRAVO EA, Bravo. Every person is entitled to some form of personal life that is kept away from the prying eyes of neighbors, media and more. Whatever Tiger did or did not do in his personal life is exactly that, personal. Provided that it was not criminal or caused serious injury to others. Granted we do not endorse his behavior in regards to extra-marital affairs, but if it were someone not in the public spotlight, would it even be news?

About Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online is an authentic golf simulation experience that is dynamically streamed to a web browser and requires no game installation, no disc, and no additional peripherals. This game is easily accessible and available anywhere, via a web browser and an Internet connection. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online will be offered through a multi-tiered subscription in fall of 2009, and is developed by EA Tiburon, the creators of #1 video game golf franchise, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR.


• Golf, Whenever You Want It — Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online is designed to work around your busy schedule! Stuck on a boring conference call? Fire up the game and squeeze in a few holes from the world’s most legendary courses. Suspend your round and resume it the exact same point anytime. You even have the ability to start a round on a PC and finish it on a Mac!

• No Game Download Required, Just Click and Play – You never have to insert a disc and install the game - all you need is an Internet connection and you are ready to play!

• Dynamic Content — Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online will deliver a feature rich experience at launch and will regularly be updated with new features, including new courses and pro shop items – just to name a few.

• Calling All Golf Fans – Dream of sticking it close to the pin on the famous island green on the 17th hole of TPC Sawgrass? Now you can with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online! Some of the most famous championship courses such as, Pebble Beach, TPC Sawgrass and St. Andrews will be available to you at launch.

• Powered by the Community – The community will play a large role in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online through personalized web pages, statistics, forums and the ability to connect and compete with friends. The community can even influence tournament conditions!

• Lower Your Handicap – Players can improve their golfer’s abilities by unlocking Pro Shop items and gaining access to big time tournaments.

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