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Dr. Who Episode 2 - Blood of the Cybermen Announced
Posted by Christophor Rick,

2 days ago Jun 22, 2010 06:02
  Doctor Who: The Adventure Games
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Now remember, if you’re outside of the UK and you manage to download the game or get the file, you won’t be able to install it as it checks your IP at installation. The BBC just doesn’t want the hordes of fans outside of the UK, who have supported the show for decades, like myself, to enjoy the games without paying. They say that the games will be available in pay versions but have not given a time frame for when that will be. The reason for all of it? Because we’re not Brits? Because we don’t pay to watch the BBC? Probably both. I will refuse to be kind to them until they decide to be kind to us. Oddly, they’re more than happy to have us cover the game even though we can’t actually see or play it. Personally I think it’s all in bad taste and generally just poor form on their part.

Blood of the Cybermen

An abandoned Arctic research centre... an ancient relic... an off-screen terror - the classic ingredients of a Doctor Who episode. Only this time you are the Doctor.

Episode two of the Doctor Who: The Adventure Games has today been unveiled by the BBC - and the good news is fans won’t have to wait long to get their hands on it.

The  game will be available to download from the Doctor Who website ( www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho) this Saturday (26th June 2010), immediately after the thrilling TV series finale. only for UK residents. Checks IP on download site and at installation. That means you can’t install if you’re not on Internet.

’Blood of the Cybermen’ has been executively produced by Steven Moffat, stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, has been written by Phil Ford, and is developed by BBC Wales and Sumo Digital. The games have been designed to complement the TV series, giving players the opportunity to finally ’be’ the Doctor. The first episode ’City of the Daleks’ received over 525,000 download requests in its first 12 days.

"Blood of the Cybermen is classic ’Who," says Phil Ford, Writer, Blood of the Cybermen, Doctor Who Waters of Mars and The Sarah Jane Adventures. "From the intriguing title, through the pre-credits intro to the mystery surrounding the Arctic base, this is everything you expect from a TV episode - only this time you control the action. It’s an epic story, and one we could only tell in a computer game. We’ve ambitious sets, a thrill-a-minute narrative, and we re-introduce a Doctor Who adversary not seen since the Tom Baker era."

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games has been produced by a team drawing on the very best talent from TV and gaming. The interactive episodes are executive produced by Steven Moffat, Piers Wenger, Beth Willis and with Anwen Aspden (BBC Wales Interactive), alongside Charles Cecil, one of videogaming’s most revered creators.  The games are being developed by Sumo Digital, one of the UK’s best game designers. Stories and scripts are from Phil Ford (co-writer Doctor Who ’Waters of Mars’) and James Moran (Severance, Torchwood Children of Earth). The project has been commissioned forBBC Online by the Vision Multiplatform team, headed up by Simon Nelson and is being driven by BBC Wales Interactive.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have been digitally recreated in-game, and have provided full voice-overs. Music has been provided by TV series’ composer Murray Gold. An additional cast portray original characters and classic enemies.

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games episode two ’Blood of the Cybermen’ will be available to download for PC for UK users at no additional cost from the BBC Website from Saturday, 26th June 2010. A Mac version will follow shortly afterwards. International availability will be announced soon.

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