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Posted by GDN Staff, Aug 27, 2010 03:22

VIE to Have Episodic Content, Multiple Storylines

enVie Interactive is revealing some of its exciting features for its new virtual world game, VIE™: Virtual Island of Entertainment. The game, which takes place on an exclusive and luxurious island paradise, is filled with mystery and adventure where guests are encouraged to indulge their desires with others who share their passions. One of the key features is assisted player interaction through the many activities on the island.VIE Logo

“Like a lot of resorts, the emphasis is on fun and making sure our guests have a good time together,” said Steve Coallier, Executive Director of Product Development at enVie Interactive. “It’s not just some giant island chat room where you are left to your own devices in order to make and build friendships. Our planned activities bring people together.”

Some of the initial games include pillow fights, casino games, shopping games and mysteries to solve. There will be boutiques and department stores to shop in, fashion shows and clubs to dance and hang out in, as well as VIP parties to attend. Guests will also be able to decorate their island homes, shop for furniture and host parties in their own homes.

VIE’s stunning 3D realistic virtual world will include episodic adventures with multiple storylines. It provides the only realistic virtual environment where it is safe to take part in a variety of desirable activities for adults. Players can explore, experience and indulge in activities they have only been curious about in the real world.

VIE is currently under development and is accepting players for open beta later this year. The game will be released later in 2010. Players can sign up for Beta at

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