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Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), 4 days ago Apr 25, 2011 13:20

Nintendo Next Console to be Shown at E3, Wii 3D Tablet-like Device in Works?

Nintendo has confirmed that in June, they will show off the next generation Wii at E3. What will it include? Rumors suggestion HD graphics and a controller with a built-in screen. The thing Wii3d in the works?is, they did extremely well once by going a different way from the rest of the industry, can they do it again?

With the continued and rapid growth of the mobile gaming sector and tablets perhaps that supposed controller with the built-in screen will be some sort of portable.

Nintendo is pretty mum on the whole thing with Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata saying, "we have decided that it is best to let people experience it for themselves at E3."

He also said, "It will offer a new way of playing games within the home."

So perhaps the screen built into the controller will be a glasses-less 3D screen like that of the 3DS giving you 3D on a small screen meaning then that they’ve got a possible 3D tablet-like device in the works. But we won’t know until June.

They have already proven they can do something innovative - motion control, portable, 3D without glasses - now what if they were to mix it all together in the home. A 3D tablet-like gaming device might not be exactly what they’re working on, but it could be something that mixes a lot of their technologies together like that. I don’t know that they can bring out another home console that is so weak that it can’t do HD and perhaps 3D on a compatible-television so that’s probably a given, but they will certainly have a Nintendo-esque twist in the hardware somehow. Motion controls have caught on in everything including PC, mobile phone, Xbox and PS3 so that will certainly be a necessity. I also believe that HD and 3D graphics will also be mandatory for anything they bring out. However, if they give us all a way to experience 3D without glasses and built into the console itself that might work.

Then again, it could flop. The largest glasses-less 3D screen I saw at CES was 23-24 inches. That could be big enough for a single person to play but it would certainly not work for multiplayer.

That’s another thing they’re definitely going to need to beef up is their network. Wii Shop is great, but it’s definitely not PSN or XBLA and there’s been all sorts of lag problems in numerous online multiplayer games. So put that in the pot and mix it in for their upcoming release.

While writing up that last paragraph I thought about split screen multiplayer and I thought, what if they were to include two small glasses-less 3D screens? That would give you built in multiplayer ’split screen’ capabilities. What if you can carry your screen over to your pal’s place who also has one and it connects through Bluetooth or Wi-fi and you can then play 2 or even 4 players in the same room on the same console.

Streaming of games is becoming popular as well. That might be how they save on costs. Have the main console unit process the game and just stream the video out to the controller 3D screens but also include powerful enough hardware that can manage HD graphics and then give the gamers options on how we want to play, on the 3D small screen or on the HD big screen.

They did say it was going to change how we play games at home. I am eager to see what they come up with.

Go ahead, skip over the "Wii 2" and go right to Wii3D. I like it.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 3
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