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Posted by Video Game News Staff, 319 days ago May 6, 2011 10:58

MapleStory Tops Eight Million Users, Six Years

Nexon America put out not only an announcement about the number of players and the fact that the game is celebrating six years, but also some great statistics like 749,320 pets have been purchased and 5,426,694 haircuts have been received. Maplestory tops 8 million users

To celebrate, Nexon is rolling out a series of anniversary-themed in-game events and prizes throughout the entire month of May.

MapleStory continues to break its own records as more and more players continue to fall in love with its vibrant art style, exciting action-themed gameplay and compelling lore that depicts the ongoing struggle to battle the Black Mage and his army of minions. To illustrate just how massive Maple World has grown, consider that over the past six years, MapleStory players have:

  • Created 24,074,342 characters
  • Purchased 749,320 pets
  • Performed 97,883 weddings
  • Received 5,426,694 haircuts
  • Traversed 14 vast worlds
  • Collectively created more than 143,000 guilds

Additionally, a staggering eight million accounts have been registered throughout the six years Nexon has been servicing MapleStory in North America, and the growth rate shows no signs of slowing. In December 2010, the game’s massive Big Bang content update propelled the game to a new concurrent player record (136,000), nearly doubling its previous concurrency record in North America.

To celebrate the game’s anniversary, Maple World has prepared tirelessly to bring brand new events and in-game items to award players throughout the Jubilation, the official name for the festivities. Players across all worlds will be able to team up with their friends to participate in events like the Dual Raid: Balloon Hunt, where two groups of three (level 13 and above) team up to pop special balloons that ultimately drop special in-game items once the balloon gauge has depleted. Maple World dwellers can also embark on the Sixth Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzle event, which invites players to seek out seven puzzle pieces awarded by completing specific in-game quests. Weapons, scrolls, pendants, accessories, and more are all up for grabs throughout this joyous Jubilation gala event.

Even more in-game prizes may become available in celebration of MapleStory’s upcoming 500,000 Facebook fan milestone. With just 15,000 more “likes” needed to reach the half million fan goal, Nexon will award half a million prizes to players if the goal is met by May 11, 2011, the official date of MapleStory’s sixth anniversary.

To learn more or to play online, visit Maplestory.

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