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  Allods Online
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Posted by Video Game News Staff, 2 days ago Feb 14, 2012 20:56

Allods Online Extended Maintenance Tonight to Implement Patch to Overture of the Damned

Tonight, Allods Online will be down while they have extended special maintenance for the release of Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned!Allods online patch 3.0
The servers will be down for no less than 10 hours beginning at 9:00 PM, PST.
To accommodate various timezones and lengthy patching, the current login event will be on hold until Thursday, so be sure to get patched during the downtime!
Also, feel free to join them on the forums during the maintenance for some forum games.

Some Patch 3.0 notes (It’s a massive list):


  • Level cap increased to 51
  • Players who’ve played Allods Online for at least 5 months will be rewarded with a special title and a distinction mark. The most loyal users who played Allods Online for more than a year will receive a title and a distinction mark of a higher rank. These rewards will eventually become available to all eligible players
  • Introduced a Currency Exchange service allowing players to purchase Gem Shards with gold
  • Introduced a new location, the Tropical Atoll. Players can speak with a Travel Agent in their capital city to buy a ticket for one Special Silver Coin. Players are sent to the Atoll in parties. A half hour after purchasing a ticket players can speak with the Travel Agent to teleport to the Atoll. For those who wish to skip the queue, special tickets are sold from the Item Shop. All travelers are welcome to participate in various activities, such as mixing cocktails, butterfly hunting, seabed exploration, karaoke, or crab racing. Note that visitors are not allowed to cast spells or use items which increase their movement speed while on the Atoll
  • Introduced a new playable class: the Bard. The Bard’s role is support and their abilities are beneficial spells that enhance stats and spells that alleviate physical and magical damage. These spells can be found in the arsenals of other classes, but only bards boast a complete selection. Bards can dramatically increase the health of one friendly target. Bards are also relatively effective at healing themselves and their companions and blocking or even removing control spells.
  • An assortment of items in the Item Shop can be traded for with Premium Crystals. These can be acquired in exchange for ordinary crystals or for participating in various events. Items bought using Premium Crystals are bound on pickup. Please note that when creating runes, if you use crystal chips bought with premium crystals, the resulting runes will be bound to the player. If you need to create a rune that won’t be bound to the player, you must remove the bound chips from your bag, because the bound chips will be used first when combining a rune. Bonus Gem Shards remaining from the Box of Gem Shards promotion will be retroactively converted to Premium Crystals
  • A new PvP zone has been added: Witch’s Hollow. This 12v12 objective-based zone is accessible several times per day to characters level 23 and up. The goal is to earn resources by controlling the three strategic locations as long as possible. The first team to reach 2500 resources wins. Tokens will be awarded for winning and will be sent via in-game mail. Witch’s Hollow is accessible through the Skirmishes menu (Ctrl+M)
  • The player’s bag’s function has been changed. The bag might now temporarily grow in size during certain moments of play to fit some items. Each additional item in an expanded bag will trigger an Overload effect on the character, decreasing their speed of movement by 10% (both while mounted and on foot). If the character acquires ten extra slots they will be unable to move, use abilities, speak with other players and NPCs, or perform any actions with items in the bag other than to destroy them. Gear in the temporary section of the bag cannot be equipped. The extra slots will disappear once they have been emptied
  • The bag now has a button that lets you sort your items automatically. Sorting is done separately for all inventory tabs. For example, setting your General tab to sort automatically will not affect your Crafting tab. Items are rearranged automatically and are grouped in a single slot whenever possible. Items with different expiration times will not be grouped, and bound items will not automatically group with unbound ones
  • Merchants no longer offer a discount based on PvP rankings. Instead, merchants will offer a 5% discount to Veterans, and a 10% discount to Guardians and Commanders of the same faction
  • Mythical items can no longer be placed in the Magical Refinery
  • Undead are now susceptible to bleeding effects and are immune to blind and fear
  • Introduced a new raid instance: The Dead City
  • Made adjustments to stats. Faith no longer determines the effectiveness of healing effects. Instead, Faith now affects the mana supply and regeneration rate, instead of Wisdom. Perception now plays Faith’s function in healing, and also affects the damage dealt by spells. Faith is now found only in weapons
  • Wisdom, which once affected mana, now affects healing and the character’s spell power. It is analogous to Finesse for classes dealing physical damage
  • The formula that calculates damage dealt against Finesse/Armor and Expertise/Agility and their magical analogues has been slightly modified and smoothed out. The lack of these stat points will become less punishing
  • Rage will become much more dangerous, exerting an even more powerful effect on all aspects of healing. Now Rage affects more than just the chance for a full healing effect, but also what quantity of health will be restored and whether healing will be successful at all
  • In addition to the chances of dodging, parrying, or blocking physical attacks, Agility further decreases the magic damage dealt to the player, depending on the Wisdom of the attacker
  • The tooltips for stats have been made more informative and explain their new functions in detail
  • There’s a new addition to the stat window that indicates your attack damage
  • NPCs now sell food and drink which, in addition to restoring health and mana, will grant Stamina or Willpower. Spell effects from food and drink bought from ordinary merchants will disappear when the player dies. Spell effects from food and drink bought from reputation merchants will persist through death if a Holy Charm is active
  • All of Sarnaut’s heroes now have the ability to earn the title “Great”. For earning the title “Great”, the player will be granted 1 ruby, 1 talent point, and a second specialization, meaning the character will be able to use another set talents and change their build while out of combat. The second specialization includes a new arrangement of talents, rubies, and the character’s stat points. Achieving the Great rank will yield greater rewards in the future
  • Players who wish to may now send messages and screenshots to certain social networking sites directly from the game. The “Social” tab in the Options menu lists the social network settings. Screenshots and text messages can be set up to be sent automatically or manually for all social networks or for each one separately
  • Symbols of Glory can now be auctioned and sold to vendors
  • Existing Experienced Jeweler Manuscripts have been replaced with Fragments of Experienced Jeweler Manuscript in equal proportions
  • The “Disband Guild” option is now only available to the guild leader
  • Three new content zones with new World Mysteries are now available: The Frontier, the Wandering Isle, and the Cradle
  • The Empire faction’s starting adventure has been changed
  • The Mausoleum of Sparks first season has come to an end. The winners will be awarded prizes and the new season will begin
  • The game is now accessible using computers not supporting SSE2 technology
  • An Incarnation cannot be recreated if it is currently the leader of a guild
  • The gear refining system has been changed:
    • To dramatically upgrade the effectiveness of an item, items of analogous quality must be used. The lower the quality of the item used relative to the item being upgraded, the lower its effectiveness
    • As the Astral allods grow in difficulty, the quality of loot found there now also increases in quality, all the way up to the ‘Mythical’. However, items acquired on these more difficult allods cannot be equipped directly. They can only be used to upgrade other items
  • Draconic Aspect has been changed and is now always active. The equipment stat points have been decreased accordingly. Level 45 players can now acquire draconic relics from Skirmish quartermasters in exchange for Battle Emblems, and those that are level 51 can acquire it in the Dead City. This equipment no longer changes visually
  • Draconic Relics are not currently available in Gorluxor’s Tower
  • The chat message announcing a player leaving a guild has been changed and now reflects whether the player left the guild on their own accord or if they were kicked
  • The Hall of Changes now shows the number of masks a player has. New haircuts and customization options are available for every race and gender, as well as new pets and color variations for warden pets
  • Adjusted some of the character models
  • Adjusted the visual effects for certain movement speed abilities
  • Adjusted the stats on monsters in the Astral and Gorluxor’s Tower
  • Improved the performance of the client application for multicore processors
  • Fixed a bug where guild notifications were not displaying correctly
  • Fixed a bug where the launcher button for manual updates wasn’t displaying correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused spell effects to be delayed
  • Fixed a bug where a punished player would not be notified that their message wasn’t visible in guild chat
  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to become tethered when moving too quickly on an inclined plane

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1
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