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Gift Enhanced eBook has Minecraft Map Commissioned (Updated with local link for file)

In conjunction with today’s release of GIFT, an original enhanced e-book released by Open Road Integrated Media, author Andrea Buchanan has sanctioned a Minecraft map to accompany its launch—a first for any novel.

In GIFT, the reading experience is merged with music, video, art, and spooky text events, all designed to immerse readers in the story of four friends who must work together to untangle a ghostly mystery. In this specially commissioned custom map, based on the world of the book and designed by the shadowy Minecraft map mastermind known only as Vechs (creator of the Super Hostile series of maps), the player must locate and retrieve special blocks while tackling treacherous terrain and battling bad guys in order to win. 

Players navigate through both the geography of where the book takes place and the imagined world of the ghost story within. Just like the novel, the map features three main areas: a Southern California town where the characters live, the dream world and the ghostly underworld. While anyone can enjoy playing through the map, if a player has read the book, he or she will recognize the settings and might even be able to use some of this knowledge to get ahead. 

"As an avid Minecraft player myself, I wanted to devise a map that would be both challenging and fun to explore,” Buchanan said of her independent project. “The map’s three different worlds add a layer of complexity, while its thematic connection to the book gives it an exciting twist."

The GIFT Minecraft map is available for free. To learn more and find out how to download the map, visit​​minecraft.html.

UPDATE: There were reports that the file server was down or overquota, we have copied the file for distribution here. The GIFT Minecraft Map v.1.1.

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