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Ignition Announces Official Demo for Red Bull BC One
Posted by Wade "TNT" Hinkle, 117 days ago Jul 30, 2008 08:34

Ignition Entertainment, a UTV Enterprise and worldwide publisher and developer of videogames, announced today the launch of the official game demo for the upcoming puzzle-strategy title Red Bull BC One for Nintendo DS.  To preview the game, click on http://redbullbcone.com/playgame/play.php and stay tuned for Ignition Entertainmentís official launch of the Red Bull BC One game site, coming soon!
Red Bull BC One is one of the most important B-Boy competitions in the world.  The legendary battle hosts 16 of the worldís best B-Boys in a one-on-one, knock-out-battle to determine who is The One.  See the latest Red Bull BC One trailers, screenshots, game facts, wallpapers, and access the entire Red Bull BC One universe at www.redbullbcone.com. Visitors will also have the opportunity to view past battles, create their own B-Boy profile and peruse profiles of more than 180 other B-Boys and find out more about the 2008 Red Bull BC One competition this fall in Paris, France.
The Red Bull BC One game lets players become a champion B-Boy.  Using the touch screen functionality on your Nintendo DS™, youíll control the action of your very own B-Boy by solving puzzles breaking combos under increasingly tough time limits. Set a high score thatís worth bragging about and advance your player to the next round. Coupled with a unique graphic flare, 35 original musical tracks and a variety of mini-games, a quick, steady hand and some creativity will throw you right into the Red Bull BC One arena.
Officially licensed game, featuring the world of Red Bull BC One competitions
36 battles throughout 8 stages in story mode, plus training mode
70+ different dance animations
Many un-lockable mini games and items
35 unique music tracks
3D backgrounds (basketball court, urban street, beach and more)
Multiple customization options (outfits, hair, shoes and more)
Battle against a friend in wireless multiplayer mode!
Look for Red Bull BC One to break its way into stores September 16, 2008.

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