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The Dawn of Weight Training on the Wii

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido),

Jan 22, 2009 05:38

First there was the Wii and the unique control scheme that the Wii Remote allowed. Then came the Balance Board and Wii Fit. The launch of fitness video gaming was a success. But you can only do so much yoga before you decide that you need to bulk up a bit or at least tighten up some of those upper torso and arm muscles.

Enter Riiflex, a new company and product that are set to hit the market in the near future. Riiflex is essentially a weight system for your Wii Remote. The plans are for 2lb and 5lb increments and the product is essentially dumbbell weights that attach to your Wiimote.

The Riiflex specifics have yet to be finalized and the images shown are said to be prototypes so the look might change along the way. Of note are the holes for the triggers so you can still use the control functionality of the Wii Remote while they are in the Riiflex. From the images we can only guess that the Wii Remotes snap into place. Given all the problems people have had in the past in regards to holding on to their Wii Remotes we hope there are some kind of safety straps in the works as well.

While using Wii Fit and the Riiflex might not whip you into shape to take on Arnold, it is a good step towards a healthier you. Any type of activity is better than none at all and even the addition of 2lb or 5lb weights to your workout can really make a difference.

Check on with GDN next week as we’re promised more information on the product and the launch. Until then you can head over to for more information on the product.

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