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Jurassic Park: the Game Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), 33 days ago
  Jurassic Park: The Game
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Then the story cuts to a dino vet and his troubled teenage daughter with whom he is trying to connect. They find the mercenary and try to rush her to help. Later, as they head try to coax a loose Triceratops back to the right side of the fence, a T-Rex finds them and they start running for their lives.don’t move or it will eat your

Once the mercenary has had the treatment she needs and after a few close calls with Velociraptors, our Dad and daughter are taken hostage by the mercenary and forced to show her a way off the island. Little do they know that a rescue team is on the way.

At this point I could continue with the story, but I fear that I may spoil too much. Just know that there are several more encounters with dinosaurs to be had. Not to mention the twist and turns that take place as you unravel the hidden agenda of each character. By the end of my first play through, I had somewhere between 5-6 hours of gameplay.

Jurassic Park the Game: Videogame or Interactive Movie

While Jurassic Park is technically a video game, I personally consider it more of an interactive movie. A majority of the game is cut scenes in which you make a few keystrokes to progress the story. These keystrokes include pushing WASD to move the characters left or right, using the mouse to open doors, and steadying your character during times of stress.

Honestly, I welcome the interactive movie style with open arms. One of my big problems with Telltale games is the inability to beat them unless you know exactly what Telltale wants you to do. Instead of being forced to figure out some absurd puzzle, you are taken on a ride through a truly masterfully created story. The journey has a couple puzzles and little bit of problem solving, but for the most part your interaction is pressing WASD on the appropriate cues.

The chase is on

Jurassic Park the Game:  1000 Ways to Die

While playing this game, my friend and I jokingly started calling it “1000 Ways to Die”. As you play Jurassic Park you earn medals for each segment of the story. Gold is given when you hit all of the cues perfectly, silver for up to 2 mistakes, bronze for up to 5, and no medal when you make 6 mistakes or more.

 Our Rating for Jurassic Park: the Game Review (Windows PC)
At least 2 play throughs; One finding all the ways to die, and the other going for perfection.
A lot better than what we are used to seeing from Telltale, but still a lot of unforgivable glitches.
Of course it is great. They got to reused the original soundtrack by John Frickin’ Williams!!!
Jurassic Park was my first interactive movie experience and I hope it is not my last.
Multiplayer/Online Content
Best Telltale game to date. Let’s just hope they keep it up.

Rating: 0.0, votes: 0


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