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Posted by Video Game News Staff, Aug 12, 2010 08:30

X Series Gets SuperBoxed

In a further step to enhance and broaden the enjoyment of its X games titles, Germany-based software developer, EGOSOFT, and publisher Deep Silver today announced the forthcoming release of the X Superbox.

This compendium represents the full spectrum of EGOSOFT’s endeavours over the course of its PC games development history, stretching right back to the first X-series game, X- Beyond the Frontier, chronicling the adventures of Kyle Brennan in the X Universe and bringing that Universe’s story right up to date with the very latest version of X3: Terran Conflict, for which a new set of missions, entitled ‘Balance of Power’ has been specially developed.

The X Superbox contains the most up-to-date version of all of the X-series games, which have been updated to ensure compatibility with Microsoft Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista (SP1) and Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit). All of these titles are also provided without DRM. A comprehensive contents and features list can be found below.

In addition to all of the X-series titles, the X Superbox also contains an all-new and exclusive X Encyclopedia, written by Helge Kautz, the author of Farnham’s Legend and other X Universe books. This 300-page encyclopedia, which covers historic events and personalities in the X Universe, amongst many other items of interest, represents the ultimate reference for all avid fans of the X-series of games.

EGOSOFT and Deep Silver are particularly proud to announce that the Superbox will contain a bonus DVD that is bursting at the seams with additional content, most of which has been created and developed by players and fans of the X games, as well some other previously-unreleased exclusive bonus content added by EGOSOFT.

The community-created content includes guides, artwork, music, videos and modding tools as well as many of the most popular scripts and mods for X2: The Threat, X3: Reunion and X3: Terran Conflict. The scope and scale of this content is testament to the loyal dedication and the passion of the EGOSOFT gaming community.

The Superbox will be available on general release in the UK, Scandinavia, Australia and France and Germany on 08 October 2010.


All games of the X Series in one box all updated to the latest version and with many new expansions. Including:

X: Beyond the Frontier: 

  • Updated to version 2.2 with improved screen resolutions
  • Languages: English (Voice+Text), German (Voice+Text)


  • Updated to version 2.2 with improved screen resolutions
  • Languages: English (Voice+Text), German (Voice+Text)

X2: The Threat

  • Updated to version 1.5 and includes UPLINK online ranking
  • Languages: English (Voice+Text), German (Voice+Text),  Italian (Text)

X3: Reunion

  • Updated to version 2.5 and includes: "Bala Gi`s Research Missions" and UPLINK online ranking
  • Languages: English (Voice+Text), German (Voice+Text), French (Voice + Text), Italian (Text)

X3: Terran Conflict

  • Updated to version 3.0 featuring all new: "Balance of Power" missions
  • Includes all new: "Dead is Dead" mode (requires Steam online connection)
  • Includes Steam online achievement system (requires Steam online connection)
  • Includes "A New Home" and "Aldrin” mission sets"
  • Includes UPLINK online ranking
  • Languages: English (Voice+Text), German (Voice+Text), French (Voice + Text), Italian (Text), Spanish (Text)

All games are compatible with Windows XP (SP2+), Windows Vista (SP1+) and Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) and feature no DRM.


All-new exclusive book: The X Encyclopedia

            The ultimate compendium of X universe knowledge, written by Helge Kautz, author of  Farnham’s Legend and many other books about the X universe. This 300-page encyclopedia covers historic events, technology, the important personalities and much much more.

Superbox BONUS DVD:

A collection of material created by EGOSOFT’s fan community, bonus EGOSOFT content from previous collector’s editions and bonus CDs, including exclusive, previously-unreleased material. This includes:

  • Many scripts and mods for X2: The Threat, X3: Reunion and X3: Terran Conflict
  • "Plugin Manager" helps with installation and management of mods and scripts.
  • MP3 Soundtrack
  • Guides, walkthroughs and tutorials for beginners and advanced players alike.
  • Artwork, fan-stories, screenshots, music and videos created by the community.
  • Official Concept Art Collection.
  • Many game-modding tools.
  • And much more…


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