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  The Sims 3
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Posted by GDN Staff, 124 days ago Apr 28, 2011 11:32

Generations Lets You Be a Kid in Sims 3

Sims were always just...born into the world as adults. But now, EA is letting you express your inner child in The Sims 3 Generations where you can really be a kid.The Sims 3

Here is a glimpse of some of the brand new features and objects that will make playing with your younger Sims an experience that is more than meets the eye (of adult Sims that is)!

Imaginary Friends

  • Imaginary Friends are the cornerstone of a Child Sim’s imaginary world!

    • If you use Create A Sim to create a family of Sims that includes a toddler, there is a chance an Imaginary Friend doll will appear in the Toddler’s inventory once the game is started. If a child is born during gameplay, there is a chance an Imaginary Friend doll will arrive in the mail some time after the Sim’s birth.

    • To make an Imaginary Friend doll come to life, a Toddler will have to name him or her and then spend a considerable amount of time playing with and singing to their Imaginary Friend doll. If they have spent enough time with the doll, it will magically spin to life shortly after the Toddler ages up to the Child age.

    • Once brought to life, a Child Sim can perform many of the same socials and activities with his or her Imaginary Friend that they could with a real life Sim. From playing on the new hopscotch court, to a good old pillow fight, your Sim can build a relationship with the Imaginary Friend in the same manner that they can with any other Sims.

    • There are also a handful of new interactions available like “Clean Up for Me” or “Get Me a Snack” that children can ask the Imaginary Friend to do. But don’t forget, your Child is the only Sim that can see your Imaginary Friend, so other Sim’s may think he or she is a bit crazy when interacting with the Imaginary Friend!

    • Sims who excel at making potions with the brand new Chemistry Set may someday be able to create a powerful potion that could turn an Imaginary Friend into a real-life, controllable Sim that is a part of your household!


Tree Houses

  • Children Sims have three brand new Tree Houses to play in!

    • The Kid’s Clubhouse – Despite being constructed from scrap materials and a bucket of nails, this classic Tree House is the perfect location for Sims to have Sleep Over’s or to use the brand new “Fight Pirate Invaders” interaction!

    • The Sci-Fi Hideaway – This high tech Tree House looks like it is straight out of the future! This is the perfect Tree House for children to throw on their Astronaut costume using the new Costume Chest, and then use the brand new “Explore New Worlds” interaction!

    • The Princess and the Pauper Castle – This Tree House (or rather Tree Castle!) is straight out of a fantasy world complete with turrets and a trap door escape pole. Sims can round their kingdom up and “Hold a Great Feast” to celebrate his or her excellence.

    • All three brand new Tree Houses allow Children to rename their lofty abodes, restrict entry to members of the opposite gender, and even Dump Water on unsuspecting Sims nearby!


Costume Chest

  • The Costume Chest allows children to play out their imaginations while in a handful of fun new costumes!

    • When clicked on, Children can choose from the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Astronaut, Prince, and Princess costumes.

    • Once in costume, you can select the brand new “Go Here As…” or “Play Pretend” interactions.

    • When in the Astronaut costume, Sim’s will hop around like they’re on the Moon. Sim’s wearing the Prince or Princess costumes will preside over their kingdoms as if they were in a Royal Court. Dino-clad Sims will roar and claw their way around the neighborhood like the king of the Dinosaurs!

    • Sim’s in the T-Rex costume may even have the ability to perform the Dino Smash interaction on any unsuspecting Doll Houses…


  • Adults now have the ability to cart their Toddlers and Babies around in Strollers!

    • Found in Buy mode, you can purchase two different Strollers: The Twinbrook Roller and the Air-Strol LX
    • Adults can store Strollers in their inventory and will automatically choose to push Toddlers or Babies in them during situations in which they would usually carry them.
    • Strollers can also be clicked on when placed on a lot, and players can select the “Go on Stroll with…” or “Go to Community Lot with…” interactions. Once selected, players can then choose any available Toddlers or Babies to go strolling with!


New Toys and Playground Equipment

  • The Sims 3 Generations comes complete with tons of new toys and playground equipment!

    • Sandboxes – Children can build Sandcastles, hide toys, and even discover long lost buried treasures in the two brand new Sandboxes available in Buy Mode.

    • Hopscotch Courts – Practice alone or challenge a friend to the classic game of Hopscotch on the two brand new Hopscotch courts.

    • Playground Equipment – Create the ultimate playground with new Swings, Slides, Jungle Gyms, Teeter-totters, and even a bunch of cool new Spring Riders!



  • Sims can keep track of significant life moments and memories in their Scrapbook!

    • When a special or significant moment occurs in a Sim’s life, a screenshot and description will be recorded in the brand new Scrapbook.

    • You can also use the new “Capture This Moment” button to create your own personal memory. When selected, the you’ll be prompted to capture a screenshot of the moment and add a custom description.

    • For the first time ever in The Sims, you can now share your Sims’ Memories by using the Scrapbook to directly upload them to and to your Facebook account!

Rating: 4.5, votes: 60
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