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Join Us at GDN

Love Massive Multiplayer Online Games? Want to be one of the first into the latest and greatest MMOG’s coming soon?

If you answered yes to both of those questions then Gamers Daily News wants you. GDN currently has room for a writer with good written English communication skills and MMOG experience to take on several beta test accounts for previews and ultimately post-release playing time for a full review of these games.

If you are interested in joining the GDN team as an MMOG Writer send an email to:

All applicants must be 18 years of age, have dedicated, high-speed internet access and a computer capable of playing many of today’s MMOG’s.

As part of our current expansion Games Daily News is looking for a Sales and Marketing person to take on some part-time tasks in both areas for us. As an international company we need someone with an international viewpoint.


  • Professional mannerisms and communication ability
  • Knowledge of the gaming industry
  • Love video games and want to be involved in the industry
  • Knowledge of online marketing and advertising
  • Creativity, dedication and initiative


  • Based on experience and amount of work to be performed.

If you are interested then email Christophor Rick at:

Gamers Daily News is in the midst of rapid and massive expansion. That means we are looking for new writers.

If you:

  • Write proper English, can spell and have an idea of grammar. (Not perfectly, that’s why we have an Editor-in-Chief. But enough so that it’s not a horrible mess to read)
  • Love to play video games (I mean really.)
  • Have a capable PC and at least one of the following: DS, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii
  • Want to see your name in lights (well at least on the site) and be a famous game reviewer.
  • Want to play some games (for free) and write about them.
  • Are 18 or older (due to game ratings and labor laws)

Then it’s time for you to contact me with

  1. Your CV (resume)
  2. A writing sample
  3. A brief paragraph about why you want to work for GDN
  4. A brief paragraph about what you have to offer GDN

Now for the tricky part.

Send those four things to me at 

Remember, if you can’t follow these simple instructions, you will probably go to the bottom of the list.

GDN is looking to expand and we’d like for you to grow with us. Have you always thought of yourself as a good writer? Do you love videogames? When you wake up, do you go on-line to see the latest news and reviews before going to school or work? If this sounds like you, we may have a spot for you at GDN US or GDN International.

Currently GDN is looking for reviewers and news contributors. GDN prefers to provide content from the gamer’s point of view instead of advertising dollars dictate how good or poor a game is.

If this sounds like we might be right up your alley, then drop us an email and if you’d like, include a submission of your writing skills. Let us know what your favorite genres are, what consoles you have (sorry, at this time you have to provide those) and a little bit about yourself so we can find the best position for you in our family. Games should be reviewed by gamers, not by companies who write what they’re paid to.

If interested email your info and questions here

Quick FAQ:

Q: Am I qualified to be a staff member?
A: GDN is always eager to hear requests from the community to become "part of the family". If you are over 18 (very important) with good writing skills, please get in touch with us. Let us know where you are from, your age, any examples of previous articles/work and the area you’re interested in helping us out with. Upon receiving your information, we will take a look and depending on if there is a staff position in that area available we will get back to you.

Q: I’d like to apply for a paid position at GDN
A: GDN is run by a dedicated group of individuals who allocate their own spare time in creating the community site it is today. We do pay our staff, but in the form of hardware or game titles they review plus any other things we can get our hands on. Examples: Hats, shirts, limited edition collectibles sent to us from companies. Some of these items are made especially for the media industry and the general public can’t get their hands on it unless you visit Ebay alot.  This way we also feel that the advertising dollars do not and will not influence the reviews.

Look forward to hearing from you.

GDN Staff

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